The Peas Were Cold

Stories of real life about the dedication it takes to pursue a dream and learning to deal with disappointment when one's desires seem out of reach.

In this highly acclaimed collection of columns, Barry leaves his readers with with an appreciation for a life well-lived. 

The Peas Were Cold by Barry Damsky eBook Cover on Kindle

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An often uplifting collection about life’s joys, wonders and quirks, shared by a writer who experienced them all.


Is there anything good happening in the world? The answer is yes and Barry captures it beautifully. His stories are about the beauty of the small encounters in our everyday life.

Alan Goldman

About the author

Barry Damsky writes fun-to-read vignettes, from his days as a theatrical agent to the quiet delight of living in a small town America.

There is no one quite like Barry Damsky, yet his stories have a common thread with anyone who lives life fully and is true to the creative and adventuresome spirit that makes each of us human. Barry’s engaging personality and writing style will leave you with an appreciation for a life well-lived, with the best yet to come.

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